September 11, 2009

District Cleaning

TGIF!!!! It was only a 4 day week, but Friday couldn't have come quick enough.

Tonight I went to see District 9 with Brett and Kyle. I understand what the message and underlying meaning of the movie was....BUT, it felt like it was a 3 hour movie, and it wasn't even 2. The aliens in the movie were really kind of grody, and I just didn't like the movie. Ugh, there is so going to be a District 10.

We went by the RedBox on the way home and got Sunshine Cleaning and 17 Again too. We watched the sunshine one, and it was much better, in my opinion anyways. ;)

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JakesMom31 said...

I really love your movie reviews! This one cracked me up. I think I will skip District 9 based on your analysis. :)