September 26, 2009

Celebrating New Life

Brett and I took off around 1 today and headed to the Camarillo Outlet Mall. I hadn't been here before....but I could definitely see myself spending a little bit of time there. We made it into the GAP Outlet...I found a few things on sale (gotta love cotton dresses) before making it out of the store. I have to make it back there soon for sure.....there is an AG store and I've worn through all of my existing jeans from there!! We also scored in the Hurley store and got us both new sweatshirts. It's about to start being the colder season here at night, and so we needed something new!! :)

The main reason for our shopping excursion was to find Brett some new digs. He doesn't ever have the need to get dressed up, but since we were headed to a nice party that evening....I made it my mission to get him some new things. :)

We headed over to Express Men and ended up hitting the jackpot. Brett cleans up real nice if I do say so myself. I had fun bringing him all sorts of things to try was like having a life sized Ken doll. Too bad I'm not more like Barbie - ha!! We'd have our Halloween costumes all picked out already. :)

We found what we needed, got it all wrapped up and took it to go. Not before doing the same with some yummy panini sandwiches too! We stuffed ourselves while driving and met up with Dave and Dayna before the party in Santa Monica.

The party was in their honor....they are expecting a baby girl in February! They just found out that it's a girl....and I couldn't be more excited for the two of them. I remember when first meeting them the talks of them wanting to be parents....I'm so wonderfully thankful that it's all in motion now. They are going to be great parents and I can't wait to meet her so soon!!

Their friends, Cynthia and Peter, threw a beautiful party in their honor. We both had a great time meeting new people, and chatting with familiar friends. It was a super quick trip but worth it anytime we get to hang out with the O'Neils.

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Anonymous said...

So thankful to have you guys there with us to celebrate! Love you both -Dayna