September 6, 2009

Sunday is one more Funday in TX

My Dad cooked us up some yummy breakfast and we all hung out a bit more before taking off. Dad was back off to another 22 hour flight so it was great to spend some more time with him before we left.

Brett and I drove out to Kingwood....the liveable visit with Corey, Joshua, Jake and Delaney! They just moved into a new fun house with a pool!! It was great to catch up with the adults for a bit before the little ones woke up. Once they were awake, we had so much fun playing in the pool!! Corey got some great pics of that....but since I was IN the water, I wasn't able. I'm sure she'll send them to me (hint hint) so I can have them for keepsakes. :)

You've already seen the fun pics from the fast family session we took around their neighborhood. I just love spending time with these's always so easy, fun loving, and filled with laughs and smiles.

I had to have at least ONE meal at Whataburger while I was in TX...and so dinner tonight it was!! I got my #1 no cheese and Brett went for the triple meat, triple cheese! Yikes!!! He finished it all but whoa, was it a greasy burger!! This is one of the places that I always get the fries....because I love me some Fancy Ketchup!!! Yumm!!!

After we finished eating....we decided to bust out the Scrabble board. We ended up playing 3 games....and each of us won one! Perfect!!

The trip to TX was a super fast one, but a wonderful, much needed visit. Now everyone that we got to see has to now come see us in Santa Barbara!!! Just let me know when!! :)

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Shyla said...

Still traumatized by our scrabble game btw. Never been beat SO BAD