September 3, 2009

I love my Austin Texas Friends!!!

Today was probably the busiest day in the history of friends for me.....but I loved every minute of it. Even despite the fact that it started out SO early on a vacation day. :)


Meet up with Hal, JD and Keith at Taco Deli...which turned out to be more like 820am since all of us miscalculated the amount of Austin traffic on Mopac.

It was great to see and hear about all of these guys, their lives, their jobs, and their growing families. Between the 3 of them....there are 6 little boys and 2 little girls. If KB would have been able to meet up with us too, it would have been an even number of boys and girls. KB's wife just had their 4th daughter. Miss working with these guys. They definitely made a mark on my careers in Austin.


We made a quick pit stop back at Renae's for a bit. We both had to get some work done....even though I was on vacation, I was very quickly reminded how difficult it is to take a vacation
when you're in sales.


Yay!!! I'd been waiting SO long (a whole two weeks) to meet Emma, Mia and Zoe!!! Laura had the very long awaited trio two weeks ago today. Laura was the most amazingly calm, cool, and collected pregnant woman....which wonderfully translated to her being the same calm, cool, and collected mother of, now, 4 girls.

She definitely makes it look easy. She and Andrew are the best parents. Brett and I sat in the kitchen and chatted with her and Dad for a good 40 minutes before we heard anything more than a peep out of the little ones sleeping upstairs.

When we finally made it upstairs, all 3 of the girls were asleep in the playpen, all facing the same direction. By looking at their profiles, they look very similar, but there are enough differences where it's almost easy to tell them apart. I think I got it down...but we'll see if I can remember who is who the next time I see them. :)

I had a great time with Laura, as I always do. I miss her, and all of my girls in Austin, so much, it was so good to just be able to hang out for a bit. Well, hang out....and change some diapers....and take some pictures. Of course I brought my camera and got some fun shots of the girls. Check back to see more of them, but here's a nice group shot for now. :)


Visit with the "nuffins" at the Wildenhaus house!! Love these little girls. Ava and Grace were waiting for us at the front glass door, noses and hands glued to the window, as usual, and with big smiles on their faces. What a fun way to be greeted!!!

The girls showed me their latest dance moves, fixed my hair, drew us some pretty pictures, and then we had some fun chilling out in the living room.

Ava is such a goofball....JUST like her Mommy. I mean....JUST like her Mom. She is such a hoot.

I learned too that Ava and Grace give the best zzzrbts....we all were laughing SO hard about this!!! Then the girls took my camera and got off a few fun shots of US instead. :)


Visit with Stacy, Lisa and Caleb. I can't believe how BIG he's getting....he's a real little boy!!! It was great catching up with the girls, and watching Caleb go from being shy to being a super sweetie. He did have an affinity for my iPhone. He was pretending it was a camera, pointing it at us and saying "CHEESE!!". So cute!!!

He really was having more fun when he was behind the camera instead of being in front of this was the best shot I could get of the two of us. :)

Loved being able to see the girls before they took off for the weekend. They too, have agreed that it's now their turn to come visit us in CA now. :) I'm working on getting everyone to come visit us....heehee. I mean....who wouldn't want to, right??


JARDIN with my girls!!!! I walked in and had a GIANT smile on my face to see all my pretty girls there to hang out with me for some din din. I'm not convinced that it wasn't the margaritas that got everyone there, but hey, I was happy just the same. :)

We laughed and chatted it up as usual. I wish I could have spent more time with everyone....there's just never enough time!!! Thank you to ALL of you for coming to see me while I was in town. I miss you all SO much and it was just the best to see you for dinner!!!

Ava was at school when we were at their house earlier in the day, so I asked Laura to bring her to dinner. She was a bit shy at first, but quickly remembered how much her friend Annemarie loves her, and was happy to come join me in my lap! The cheese that I had on my plate might have helped with the persuasion, but I'll use whatever necessary to love on that little girl.

After a few attempts at trying to take a timer picture, our waiter came out to our rescue. Look at all my smiling, beautiful, happy girls!!! I miss you all already!!! Thanks again for coming to see me!!


Back to Jeff and Renae's for my haircut. Tara was the BEST to come back and fix me up after dinner. She also got a little snipping at Brett while I was drying. :) Tricia came back to join and hang out with us for a little bit too.

It was seriously the greatest day. I got to see as many of the people I love dearly, and all in one day!!! I missed a few people while I was there.....hope to see them on my next round!!!

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