August 30, 2009

Nemiroff Family Story

You might recognize the boys in this family from earlier this year. I got an email message a few weeks ago from Dave that he and Jenny wanted family pics with little Grady. The little guy recently turned one, and has changed so much!! They drove up to Santa Barbara to meet with me, and we had a great time walking along Cabrillo. It had been a super warm day, and I thought it was going to be too hot....but it ended up being just perfect across the street from the water.

We started out at Chase Palm Park, and made our way down to the rainbow arch. Grady was a great sport, even with all the walking that we made him do!! :)

Dave - it was great to see you and Grady again, and to finally meet Jenny too!! Hope you like your family story!

For more of this family, watch the slideshow!


Unknown said...

Omg...what an amazing job you did!! Those pictures are incredible. I actually got tears in my eyes watching the slideshow. :)

AnkieG said...

Fab pictures, I got this link from Jenny's mom so that was so fun to see them.