August 14, 2009

A little bit country....right here in California!

We headed south for the Ventura County Fair tonight with Amy, Emily, Kyle and Suzy. Clay Walker and Lee Ann Womack were playing a concert, and so we decided to check it out.

Too bad we weren't considered Super Seniors....we could have gotten in FREE.

As soon as we walked in, I had to keep reminding myself that I was in California and not at the Austin Rodeo. It had the same feel. There was all sorts of the typical carnie food.....Brett and I ended up with a tri-tip BBQ Sandwich. It wasn't too shabby.

Once we got into the arena area, it felt like Texas. I hadn't experienced country music anywhere else really, and the other crowd folks were really into Clay. He put on a great show for the bit that we got to see....but the people in front of us might have stolen the show. They were a little too much so that it was a tad awkward, but the show was good nonetheless.

Gotta love some fun shots.....had such a great time with this group of people!! Love!! More Love!! :)

Between the two shows, the camera man was having fun scanning the crowd. We'd talked about how everyone always looks for themselves on the big screen, and then as soon as they're up there, turn away. Not 10 minutes later....look who showed up on the big was US!!! This is a picture of me taking the picture below. Too funny.

Lee Ann came up the shortest dress ever. It was so short that we couldn't stop commenting on it. We're also pretty certain that she might be pregnant, but luckily none of my blog readers are connected with the gossip columns....I would hate to start rumors.

She is a great singer....and I remember a summer when I listened to her and a few other women country singers almost exclusively...but I realized last night that most of her tunes are pretty depressing.'s also pretty hard for someone that just sits up there and sings to be very entertaining....BUT she was still great, it was just more of a sit down, instead of stand up and shake a little, kind of entertainment.

After we'd had enough of Lee Ann's drinking songs, Brett and I took a stroll through the fair. The rides in small fairs like this are so crazy...and we resolved that they are really just puke machines. They just spin you, shake you, and make you sick.

I do love the lights, the sounds and the smells of the funnel cakes from fairs though. Walking through it all holding hands with the one you love....that's a good night.

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Sarah Shalley said...

wow! $10.00 isn't bad at all. looks like a blast! love the last pic of you two.

oh, and pregnangt (looking) women in short dresses...hmmmm, not cute.