August 11, 2009

Yellow Little Birdie!!

Tonight I had the pleasure of joining the ShowIt Crew and some out of town guest designers for dinner at The Canary Hotel. I'd seen the spot on the corner of Carillo, but never been there. After Brett told me that I was to join them, I looked it up online, was really excited that I was invited!!

We met up with everyone and after ordering a cocktail, headed up to the roof to watch the sunset. It was a little foggy all day today, and so we missed the sun going down, but got a great group photo (courtesy of Nick Haskins). When the real cameras were there, I felt a litlte inferior with my P&S, so I left it up to them to get the shot. I just love this group photo....Todd is just too funny. Nice jump!!

Afterwards, we returned to the restaurant, and throughly enjoyed a 3 course meal - consisting of a lovely salad, delicious kobe beef steak and a yummy dessert that was peaches and some kind of flan. I cleaned every plate.

It was a great night, filled with great conversation. I always love meeting new people too - it couldn't have been any better!!

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