August 7, 2009

Celebrations Everywhere!

This afternoon was like any other on our side of the warehouse office. The sales, services and marketing people were doing our thing on our side. It was all quiet, as usual, on the engineer side of the warehouse too.

That is, until all of the engineers rushed into our side, with confetti eggs in hand, to celebrate Fiesta. It was a madhouse for about 10 seconds, and when they left, there was confetti everywhere. I was actually on the phone with a customer when it happened, so it was all sort of a blur to me.....but here is the aftermath of the incident at my desk.

PS. Please excuse my desk. If any of my former coworkers see this, they might not believe that this is my desk. In Austin, everything had its place, and it was always tidy and neat. I can't manage to get my desk here to that way...and what's even more surprising, is that I don't really care. I kind of like my messiness and chaos at my desk! :)

I came home after work, and did some cleaning in my room. I purged a few things in my closet....which is always cause for celebration!!

Tonight I joined friends that gathered to celebrate Kawika. I met him through home group this season, and while I didn't get to know him too well, I do know that he's a good man, he loves his family, his friends and Jesus. He's headed back home to Hawaii to spend time and take care of his family. We listened to his story, and prayed for him as a group tonight. It is always so powerful when you gather around someone, lay your hands on them, and pray together for that person. We all trust in faith and know that God will answer our prayers to keep him safe for his travels and be with him when he arrives home.

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