August 29, 2009

Back to the norm in SB

Got in real late last night from Florida....went home and straight to bed. Intended on sleeping in, but I was wide awake around 7, closed my eyes, but up again from a text message around 745am and then the sprinklers at 830am. I finally got out of bed and had some coffee with my roomies and chilled around the living room with them for a bit.

LB was headed to the farmer's market to get goodies for tonight's Good Spoon event, so I decided to tag along with her. I just love all the colors of the fruit, veggies and flowers at the market. I LOVED the huge tomatoes there today. Each one that she bought was a pound each - whoa!!!

I went to meet Brett for lunch at The Habit in the afternoon. It was a pretty day, and while Brett wanted to work some more on what he'd started the night before, I convinced him that we needed to be outside on such a pretty day.

He had a plan for us after lunch. First stop was to wash my car - thank goodness!!! Then we went back to my place and got our bikes. We had left Brett's truck at lunch, so we rode back down to them from my place. It was a nice ride....all downhill. :)

We got a call from DJ that he needed a truck to pick up a few finds at the Carp Market. After meeting up with them, we then had game night and Chinese food that night at DJ's place with a few friends.

We played that game. Brett and I make a pretty good team. :) It was a fun relaxing Saturday after being away!!

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