August 18, 2009

Food, more food, and some Josh Garrels

It wasn't the best morning at work. I often wonder how I can have such high and low swings at work all in the same day....but then I remind myself that I am in sales....and that's just how it goes.

So, after a pretty bleak morning, I was thrilled that Emily came to meet me for lunch. We were planning on going to the beach with our food, but it was too overcast and chilly, so instead, we enjoyed ourselves inside at a table for two at Anna's. Not a surprise on the venue, I know. I did, once again, get something new....and oh my goodness, it was so yummy!!!

I finished up work, and came home to finish reading my book. It was the easiest book I'd read in a LONG time...finished it in 2.5 days. It was a silly, mindless, book, but I needed that.

Vanessa and I met at Milano Italian Kitchen in 5 Points for a bite to eat before the evening plans. Laura and Brett came to meet us before we all headed over to SBCC.

Kyle had worked to get Josh Garrels to Santa Barbara to put on a show for the fine folks here. There was quite a crowd, and Josh put on a really neat show. His music is totally different and refreshing. It was wonderful to hear his spin on traditional Christian music. Kyle ran the merch table too....he was so we were proud OF him. ;)

Brett, Bethany and I stayed to help be sure that everything made it out of there, and got to chat with Josh a bit about his music, travels and life. He's got a neat story. If you're so inclined to check him out, do it here.

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