August 20, 2009

Week 33

Did you know that it's the 33rd week of the year?? Emily is mildly obsessed with everything 33...which why shouldn't she be? It IS an odd number after all. She realized that this is the 33rd week of this year (oh my gosh, where has 2009 gone??), and therefore it's destined to be a good week.

I had a wonderful lunch date with Christi this afternoon. Surprise, surprise, I took her to Anna's Bakery. I know, I know....I need a new spot, but I'm going to frequent this place until they start to recognize me. Ha!! It was great to catch up with her after a while. She's been traveling, and I'm about to be on a whirlwind few weeks myself, so it was great to spend some time together!

This afternoon, one of my favorite women in the world, Laura, gave birth to her triplet girls!! Emma, Mia and Zoe were born this afternoon. All weighing over 5 pounds too! I just can't stand that I'm not there to be with her right now, but I cannot WAIT to meet them all in a few short weeks!!!

I just snagged this picture off Andrew's Facebook. Can you just tell how amazing Laura is!?!??! Look at that big huge smile and those adorable babies!!?! Oh my heart is just overflowing with JOY!!

On my way home from work, I learned that Camille got approved for her loan for her business, and so I met up with her, Emily, Ashley and another friend at Hungry Cat for a little celebration!! I'm so excited for Camille's business and her upcoming trade show for new websites of 2009!! Goooooooo Camille!!! Woohoo!!

PS. Yay for iPhone self portrait...but BOO for my hand being a shadow in the picture! Oops!!

Afterwards, I came home to join some great happy girls for dinner. Laura made us dinner, straight from the garden again, and the 5 of us sat around and were girls. I seriously love having such wonderful friendships with girls. We were made for this. Wonderfully made for this type of relationship. We smiled so much for each other's lives that I think our cheeks are going to be sore tomorrow.

We ate yummy salad, veggie pizza, and had chocolate for dessert.


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