August 25, 2009

Started out low.....ended on a HIGH!

I woke up extra early this morning (630am) to be sure that I gave myself enough time to get ready before meeting Albert downstairs at 745am.

It was a good thing I did. First thing that happened to me was the water in my room wasn't getting hot.


Um....what??? I called the front desk, and they sent up engineering. He came, and after another almost 10 more minutes of the water running, it finally got hot.

While I was waiting for him, and the water, I went ahead and ironed my pants. The iron left a stain on the pocket of my pants.

As I finished getting ready, I kept waiting for the 3rd bad thing to happen. We all know that bad luck comes in 3s. I guess if I had to pin it down....Albert didn't get downstairs until 8....but I knew that was going to happen, and that was why I said to meet at 745. We needed to leave by 8. :) At least he laughs at this because he knows it's true.

We made it through 3 appointments today. They were all great in their own way. In typical sales days like these, we didn't get a chance to eat lunch between meetings. It wasn't too terrible since we DID the chance to grab a snack at breakfast or I would have been gone by this afternoon.

I got back to my room around 630 and did a demo call and then my day was finally over. Albert and I stuffed ourselves on a late dinner, and then I got back to my room.

I called Brett and filled him in on my day, and then he went to make some dinner for himself.

A few minutes later, I got a knock on my door. It was after 10pm, so I asked "Who is it?". The person on the other side said, "Delivery.".

I opened my door, and one of the hotel staff handed me this.

This is the best surprise.....EVER. I had NO idea Brett had done this. I was even so busy when I called him for about 2 minutes earlier in the day that I didn't even think to wonder why he had asked me where we were staying.

I never thought that flowers would make me smile so big. I love the flowers, but it's not even them that is making me smile so much. It's all Brett. HE makes me smile. So, even though my day started out not so definitely ended on a high!!!

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BBollman said...

Whoever raised that guy must have done a great job. Wonder if he treats his mother that well? Hmmmmmm???? :) He is pretty lovable, isn't he?