September 12, 2009

Pizza Party

Today was a great day!!! I kind of chilled about the casa this morning. Danielle and Erik were making some dish for a late breakfast that I still can't remember what it was called, but it was totally tasty....and I ate it...yummy!!!

Brett and I started to sit down and watch 17 Again..lighthearted movie for a nice Saturday afternoon. Shortly after we started it, LB and Benjamin came first they were laughing at us for watching a teenie bopper movie with Zac Efron, but they got sucked in and watched it all the way to the end with us. It was a great way to enjoy a super lazy afternoon.

We decided to have a little pizza and salad night with Danielle and Erik, and their friend, Steven too. D & E whipped up an amazing salad, while I got the goodies for us to build some flat bread pizzas. I'd seen this on Monday at the Shinns and been dying to make them up for myself!!

Red & green bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and sausage with pizza sauce and lots of cheese!!! Yummmmy!!

Have you seen a more delicious salad??

We all made our good!! Just pop them on the grill until the cheese is all melty! Be sure to take them off before the bottom gets too crispy or burnt!

After dinner delight?? LB's cookies....chocolate chip with oatmeal.....gotta add some ice cream too!!

A little Rock Band. Brett brought it, we didn't buy it for our house! HA!

And lastly....a fun game of Scene It!! Everyone's game faces. Bring it!!

It was a really fun night of lots of fun......



Everyone kind of retired to watch some TV, and then I went to find Molly.

Um......where's Molly!!??!!?

She wasn't anywhere in the house. We all looked everywhere, and she wasn't there. Brett, Danielle, Erik and I were walking around the house saying her name, and meowing for a while. It was getting chillier and starting to get a little damp. I told D&E to hit the hay, while Brett and I walked around until about 2am. We thought we'd heard her bell a few times, but then we were doubting our ears because the wind was blowing leaves around too.

It was dark and we didn't have a good flashlight, so after about 2 hours, a too close scare with a skunk, and saying "Molly" about a hundred times....we decided to retire until it was morning.

We decided to sleep on the couch and the chair in the living room, and left the front door and back door cracked with the screens on....just in case she would come back in the middle of the night.

At 550am, I heard a meow!! I shot up.....not that I was sleeping that great anyways. Cramped up in a chair with the ottoman, tossing because I didn't know where Molly was all night. But, as soon as I heard that meow, I jumped out of the chair and went to the back door . Brett was saying "make sure it's her...turn on the light"....but I knew it was her, I could tell it was her meow.

Well, it was Molly!! She was at the back door. I opened it up, called her, and she walked right in. PHEW!!!

We had no idea where she went or what she was doing, but I was just glad that she was home!!!


Shyla said...

Dear Annemarie and Erik... those are some pansy game faces! Come on... toughen it up and bring on the heat ;)

Autie said...

Oh my! I'm so glad she is home safe. I know that feeling.