January 13, 2010

Syrah | The Red Hot Accessory of Wines

It'd been a while since we'd had a wine night with the ladies, so back before Christmas, when we met up at Blush, we picked January 13, and put it on our calendars.

It was at our house, and since I decided to host....I picked Syrah as our wine. From the book that Christi got 8 years ago, here's a little ditty about my favorite red wine.

If Chardonnay is the "basic black" of your wine wardrobe, then Syrah is the must-have red accessory. Just as a garnet handbag, crimson scarf, or scarlet lips make an outfit sizzle, Syrah adds a dash of sex appeal to any meal. Peppery, smoky, and powerful, Syrah is exotic but approachable. Like wearing that splash of red, sipping Syrah is wildly fun.

Everyone was assigned a region and asked to being a Syrah or Shiraz (as it's called in Australia) for the tasting. I picked us up some goodies to snack on.

Thank goodness for Emily and Amy coming over early to help me clean and get everything setup. I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without them!!

Cheese, crackers, grapes, nuts....and cookies!! All of the perfect dishes to enjoy with our wine tastings. :)

We sampled 9 wines from Australia, France, and I think we had some from Chile and Washington too. I lost track, but they were all pretty tasty.

I love hanging out with fabulous women - a great time was had by all!

And yes....I did cheat, and use the flip screen on the new camera on this one. Might be my favorite self portrait ever. I just love all the smiley, happy, faces in this one.

Can't wait for our next wine get together!!

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