January 29, 2010

30 Minute Break

After another long week at work.....it is Friday again. I was so happy when, after getting to Brett's this afternoon....he said, "Let's go take a walk on the beach".

What a relief to get out and do something...anything....where nothing needed planning, a call back, or anything else of that nature.

We took the long (3 minute) drive over to Hendry's Beach and took a stroll. There were new rocks everywhere along the water line that had been washed up and displaced from the rain storms last week. The smells were of stale ocean water that had found its way to where the rocks lay still. There were people walking their dogs and others out just enjoying the sunset.

It was great to take a break from the busyness of life...if only for the 30 minutes before the sun went down, before it got too chilly to enjoy any longer.

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Anne said...

What a great place for sunset photos = )