January 11, 2010

Another camera? Why not?

I love my Canon SD870IS, but I've been using it pretty heavily over almost the last 2 years now, so it was getting about time to be ready for an upgrade. I had my eye on a little bit of a different model. A lot of my photographer friends use the Canon G series for their Point & Shoot cameras because it has so many other options.

So, over Christmas, when I got a surprise check from Dell for my portion of a $9.1M class action settlement, Brett suggested that I use that to get the new camera. Great idea!!

I decided on the G11 and it arrived today!! I let Brett open the box....he gets so much more enjoyment than I do out of opening things like that...and he got it charged up to take a few shots.

This camera has a screen on it that flips....so now we can cheat on our self portraits. Not sure if we'll use that feature all that often, since it's more fun to accomplish it on your own....but it's a nifty little tool. We did in this picture, which is quite obvious, because I was looking at the screen, and not the camera, when we snapped the shot. Oops!!

I'd seen this many times before, but most recently on BD's blog...so I thought to give it a shot. I'd never done this before myself, so I had no idea what to expect.

Set yourself up with a flashlight, 7-15 second exposure, and turn off all the lights. After you press the button....write!

My attempts weren't that great. I was trying to write I heart Brett, and then just his name on my 2nd try. Brett did pretty good at his B heart A. Show off.

I'm sure at some point I'll read the manual on this camera to understand all the fun things I can do with the settings.....but for now, I'm super happy just using the big AUTO button. :)

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