January 4, 2010

The First One!

So, it's been not even two weeks yet, and I am already driving Brett a little crazy with the wedding planning. Well...not crazy so much, but he thinks I'm nuts for doing all of the planning at one time. I hadn't looked at anything wedding related before we were engaged, and so now it's wedding planning overload and I'm all over the place with all that we have to do! He is working on getting us a plan. Heehee.

Naturally, one of those things that I went straight to planning was for my dress!! Duh!!

I saw one online that was going to be perfect. I'd found it at David's Bridal, of all places, and since they don't have one in Santa Barbara, I made plans to go the closest one in Northbridge. I asked Emily to come with me, and Dayna planned on meeting us there.

After we arrived, the lady at the front asked me to take the catalog and earmark the pages of dresses I wanted to try on. I told her that I already knew which one I wanted, and was there to try that one on, but I went ahead and took a look anyways. I knew that I didn't want strapless, so that immediately cut out about 85% of the dresses in there. I did manage to find 3 that I thought I'd like to try.

Well, the first one she brought out to me wasn't the one that I thought I was going to get when I went in there. But, I told her that I'd go ahead and try it on anyways. They just got it in that day, it was brand new. I was the first person to try it on ever....and......well.....I loved it.

I tried it on.....and it was "my dress". I tried on the other one, the one that I thought I wanted....and ick!! It was horrible.

So, I left with my dress. And, it was about a third of the cost of the one that I thought I wanted - score!!!

That is all I'm going to say about that.....but I'm super excited about it and can't wait for Brett to see it...on our wedding day!! I had to hide the pictures on my computer, and I already deleted them from my camera. He wants to be surprised, and I don't want him to accidentally find out. :)

Afterwards, the girls and I had super yummy Jersey Mike's subs for dinner. It was the perfect shopping experience and I was glad to have Emily and Dayna with me! So fun!! :)

Now...if only I can find everything else with this much ease!! :)


ashlee said...

I'm glad you had the "this one" moment. I wasn't into the dress shopping and tried on literally tons, it was frustrating. I ended choosing my dress because Amber and Chandi cried...and it was soft.

Marisa said...

yay!!! i am so excited that you found your dress already! so fun :). i want to hear more about the planning, so if your roomies get sick of listening to you call me! much love friend :)