January 24, 2010

Scavenging All Over Town for Camille

Camille's plans for Sunday for her birthday included a Scavenger Hunt. She put everyone that RSVP'd on a team and assigned us a team color. Brett and I were paired up with Mark and Janey...and were ORANGE!!!

Mark and Brett REALLY brought it with their choices of oranges.

Everyone arrived at the designated spot and we were given our clues. I was shocked to see that it was 3 pages!! On each page there were things that we had to do, photograph, collect, or video.....with each task assigned a number of points ranging from 1 to 5. We were setup on our way around 1230 and were off to do as many as we could and be at our meeting spot at 5pm.

Camille said she would give our team 1 point if I could get all 23 of us in one photo. Well, I didn't make it...but it's fun anyways!


The tasks were totally random......some included....

Picture of:
- person walking a dog
- your entire team drinking from one soda
- gas receipt for exactly 50 cents
- a 6"5' person
- build a sandcastle for 2 points...bury a teammate for 5
- an apple iphone with a blackberry....a blackberry with an apple
- New Mexico, Massachusetts, and Hawaii license plates
- rat, cat and dog in same picture (evidently there is a person downtown that has all 3 animals)

We decided to head out to the Farmer's Market and managed to accomplish a lot of the pictures...and quite a few videos there too. We then took a trip over to Goleta Beach where we knocked out a few others!

Then we were off again for some other tasks....

- entire team with as many city limit signs
- pictures with farm animals
- visit to Maverick's to take something off the wall
- a picture at one of Camille's favorite wineries
- the spot where Brett & Annemarie are getting married (that one was worth 2 points - woohoo!)

We have a TON of videos of the other fun things we did too!! I'll probably end up compiling some of them at some point....BUT.....we made it to the meeting point EXACTLY at 5pm as we were instructed. Phew!! It got close there at the end.

When all the teams arrived, everyone started to tally up their points. The totals were 78.....91....93.....and so, when I counted us up with having 97.....we knew we had done pretty well!! Camille did her verification...and then announced TEAM ORANGE the winners!! Woohoo!!! We took home the jackpot!

We then enjoyed a wonderful evening with yummy food and great friends!

The wood fire pizzas there were delicious!! The smores and lava cake dessert weren't half bad either!

All the smiling faces of the ones that love our dear friend, Camille!

This was such a super fun day. Brett and I had a blast competing with Mark and Janey. It totally felt like we were on The Amazing Race. My Mom would have been so proud of us, and loved to watch us, too. All 4 of us totally kept our cool the entire day, and worked so well together as a team. There was more laughing than anything during our day. We all put in the effort and were thrilled to come out the winners. Watching everyone's videos and seeing all the pictures made it that much more fun. What an awesome thing for Camille to do for her friends, on her birthday!!

We love you Camille!!! Here's to a GREAT decade!!! :)

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j. shipley said...

awesome post. thanks for helping us to remember all the great times we have together. :)