January 2, 2010

The Spot

Brett and I both agreed that one of the first things we had to do was find a spot to get married. After we agreed that Santa Barbara would be the place to have it, we started to look at our options. We did a lot of looking online while the families were here over Christmas.

We went back and forth on what we wanted, but came to a conclusion that we wanted something open, that had a pretty view. I really thought that the Santa Barbara Zoo was a neat idea, but Brett wasn't too keen on the idea about having giraffes at our ceremony. So, we started to search out other spots, and then thought to look at some of the local wineries.

There were so many options, but we managed to narrow it down to a few, and thought that Saturday would be a good day to go check some of them out. We both really liked 2 of the options that Firestone had, so we made an appointment to go out there.

The entire drive out to Los Olivos, I kept looking out the window and saying "Man, this is so pretty!!! I can't wait for our guests to make this drive to our wedding!!". Of course, this was all before we'd even seen the place, but I was already imaging it all working out. It was the scenery that did it to me.

See what I mean!! Gorgeous!!

I got excited when we saw the sign off the 101 guiding us towards all the wineries. Did I mention that I'd never been out this way before? I mean, I'd been to Solvang and to downtown Los Olivos with Bethany last year, but never to any of the wineries.

We pulled into Firestone and I was still in awe of the surrounding area. All so beautiful...and the vines aren't even in season!

We met up with Rachel, and she was so kind to show us around the property. We first saw the spot where the ceremonies are held....and to be honest, we were very underwhelmed. It was much smaller than I was expecting, and more of a long narrow alley, think two bowling lanes put together, with a metal gazebo at the end. I am sure it can be beautiful, but it just wasn't what either of us envisioned for our day.

She took us around the rest of the area, and it was all great. The barrel room was awesome. The courtyard for the reception was so nice, and I could see the lights and tables and dancing there already. We were still just a little bummed about the ceremony site area. We jokingly asked her if the hills behind the tasting room were also owned by Firestone, and if we could use one of those for the ceremony part.

It was then that she said "Well, maybe you'll like the other spot that we have on the property for ceremonies. We have to drive, but it's like 10 seconds down the road.".

So, we agreed to see it, and hopped in our car to follow Rachel for the long trip. We got in, drove less than 100 yards, and parked. I think that both Brett and I said, in unison, "Now THIS is what we're talking about!".

We got out of the truck, and immediately fell in love with the spot that they call the Vineyard Mesa. It was exactly what we were picturing. A big open lawn, with the rolling hills in the background, the oak trees....and as a bonus, the vines to the side.

At that moment, I'd made up my mind (in my head) that this was the spot where I wanted to marry Brett. Under those oak trees (or maybe in between....details, details) in front of our friends and family.

We went ahead and followed Rachel out to the other spot, which was about 20 minutes away, just to see it. It just solidified that the first spot was THE spot, and we told her to hold a date for us.

Afterwards, we went back to Firestone for me to do a wine tasting. I figured, if we're going to get married here, I might as well try the wines that our guests will get to try too!! Everything was yummy and I was very happy!!

We stopped by the lawn to grab a few pictures. We were smiling so big and already starting to see it how it would be on the big day!!! We can't wait!!

To finish out the story of the day.....we drove by a few other wineries, and even got out at one, but none of them stacked up to what we'd already seen as the spot for our wedding.

We stopped to grab some food back in town, and then went to hang out at Brett's place and figure out more stuff that we have to do to make this day happen! :) Seriously...I cannot wait!!

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All Things BD said...

Ugh, you're killing me talking about Los Olivos and the wineries! I miss it. We used to go out to that area all the time on Sunday drives, BEFORE there were the big wineries there.

Zaca Lake used to be open to the public up there until someone bought the land surrounding it. It's beautiful.

Next time you're driving down the 101 towards Los Olivos, stop at Najoqui Falls. Easy hike and a beautiful spot!