January 20, 2010

Planning used to be fun for me...

Oh, there is a LOT of planning going on right now for the wedding. It's pretty much consuming most of our time at the moment, although I'm trying REALLY hard to not let it. There is just so much to do, and it's on my mind, so I want to get it all done. I'm driving Brett a little bit crazy. So, really, there is a lot of planning to plan, and that's about it. It takes up so much time.

I wish I knew how to delegate.....well, more so, I wish I knew WHAT to delegate. My wonderful bridesmaids have offered to help....and I really do want to take them up on that...but I don't even know where to start.

Wedding planning isn't fun. I used to like to plan....but not sure what it is these days. I think it's more that I don't really know what I want, and that's stressing me out more than anything. Brett asked me to put into words what my vision for our wedding day is....and all I could come up with was "yellow". I see things that I like. I see things that I don't like, but I just have no clue how to put it all together.

Oh well....it'll all work out. The most important thing to me is that our family and friends are here to celebrate the day with us. Everything else could fall apart and as long as the people I love the most are there with us, then I'll be a happy bride.

So...until then. :)

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