January 10, 2010

Love Sundays

I slept in...which makes ANY day pretty wonderful, but not too long. I was up by around 930 and doddled around the house to get ready for church. Brett came to get me, and we were off to another great service at Reality. Today is the day when Dave and Ashley Lomas have their first service at Reality SF. So exciting!! Can't wait to hear how it went!!

After church, it was almost 2, and we were starved. The Axxess Card has come in handly lately, providing us new ideas on where to grab a quick bite to eat. So, we found Danny's Deli on the list and it was right there in Carp. Their specialty was the tri-tip with bacon and avacado. It was as good as it sounds, and looks!!

We hung out at Brett's for a bit and wrote some overdue thank you notes from Christmas. He and Kyle went to throw the baseball to get Brett in shape for the upcoming Alumni game at Westmont....and so I went to join some fellow word lovers.

Janey's comment on Facebook from the night before made a few of us realize that there was more than one Scrabble lover in town. So, after church, a plan was brewing to get a few folks together for a game.

I played against Camille, Jeff and Tara. It was a very poor showing on my part...I blame it on bad letters. I did manage to help Jeff make a slight comeback at the end with an X, playing it for 51 points. I did not, however, have any plays like that of my own.

Emily had fun creating her initials with the tiles...and I'm sure you can tell from the picture below who was the victorious one from our game. :)

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