January 30, 2010

MOH and BTB Day O' Fun

When I asked Emily earlier in the week if she was up for taking a little excursion trip with me around a few places in town....to try and wrap my head around what I was thinking for decor for the reception....she was on board.

We started out this morning bright and early, around 830, and headed towards the closest IKEA.....about 90 miles away. We stopped for some Starbucks somewhere along the way and got there right as they opened at 10am.

Since we didn't head straight to the part where I knew we'd end up, we actually ended up seeing the actor that plays Samuel on Heroes. Funny side story is that this is the 2nd time I've spotted him....a long time ago when he was on Prison Break, I saw him walking through DFW. Small world.

Anyways....I digress. We made our way to the part that had the vases I wanted to see, and proceeded to buy a few things. Who knows if they'll end up working as I envision....I'm SO bad at this kind of thing.

Afterwards, we had a little bite to eat at the darling bakery next door.

We had to stop at Blender's on the way back into SB before making our final stop for the planning day. We popped into one of the rental locations to put together some ideas on what the tables might end up looking like.

It was a great day to hang out with Emily and try to do some planning. Even though I think that we got some things done, who knows what they'll end up looking like in the end. I struggle, in a bad way, about making it look pretty, and keeping it in a budget. You can very easily go crazy when it comes to the decorating and I am trying my best not to do that.

So, anyways....it was a great day with Emily running all around town.

We met up with Vanessa at her place, with Amy and Ashley too...for a lovely dinner and great girl time conversations. The best way to end a great day!

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Anne said...

Thanks, Emily, for helping Annemarie since I am so far away. You're a great Maid of Honor!!