February 2, 2010

Bone Garden with Paige

When I started to plan a work trip to Atlanta and Florida at the end of last year....my boss was going to go with me. Well, a few weeks ago, the trip kind of took a little bit of a turn, and I was going to be taking the trip by myself.

I was nervous for the onsite visits alone at first...but that settled in after a bit. But....then it was a small concern of mine that I would be driving from Atlanta to Jacksonville, about a 6 hour drive, on one of the nights, alone . So....my wonderful fiancé to the rescue, and he volunteered to travel with me.

I made sure that he'd be able to work while I was out doing my thing, and so it was all set in motion. We traveled from SB to ATL on Monday and got in late afternoon. I went straight to a dinner meeting while he worked via WiFi from the rental car.

As I was landing in ATL on Monday, I got a facebook message from an old college friend, Paige. She noticed my status saying that I was going to be in Altanta and let me know that was where she was living now. I'm so glad that she did....and we planned to meet up for dinner on Tuesday night.

She came to pick me and Brett up and presented us promptly with three dinner options. This is the Paige that I remembered for sure - totally on top of things! I loved it. We decided on the Mexican choice and ended up at Bone Garden.

It ended up being a totally delightful little joint in the most strange location. It was part of an industrial park...not in the slightest where you would expect to find a yummy Mexican restaurant.

We had a great time catching up and laughing with Paige. She's just as funny as I remember....and I think that Brett and I left in awe of her wondrous life and travels! She's off for a two week excursion to Italy in a short time. Wish that she could fit us in her suitcase!!

Thank goodness for Facebook and the quick to notice updates by Paige. If I could spend time with an old friend on all my work trips, that would make the traveling that much better!!

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