February 22, 2010

Who loves ya baby? We all do!!

So....you know that Emily is leaving us to head back to good ole Texas. Well, we couldn't let her leave without one last night to show her how much we love her!!

We didn't need much....other than...some self made mini pita pizzas....and the best Mocha Brownies EVER. The recipe is in The Pioneer Woman cookbook. Glad it was put to use....even if it wasn't me that used it. But, seriously.....they were SO good!!! Make them. Now.

And....of course....a LOT of people that love Emily. She's been such a blessing in so many people's lives. It's evident at how much love surrounds her wherever she is. Texas is one lucky place to be getting her back....for now. ;)

Yes, we had to take a break from stuffing ourselves in the kitchen to watch The Bachelor. It was so funny to hear the commentary from the men in the room. Funny enough, they had quite a bit to say.

A little girl time in the kitchen...going to miss Emily's smile and laugh SO much!!

I am already counting down the days until I get to see Emily again...80 days. For those of you in Houston, be on the lookout for this amazing woman to show up sometime in the next day or two. :)

Love you Emily!!! We miss you already!!!

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