February 21, 2010

Lovely Sunday

We had a nice chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese lunch at Brett's this afternoon. Loralyn wasn't feeling that great, so she was happy to eat her "feel good soup". We hung out and then decided to take a little shopping trip to Paseo Nuevo to get out of the house.

Brett met up with me at Dargan's for a short time to say good bye to a few folks that are leaving Santa Barbara. It's super sad that so many folks are going to be leaving soon.....but they will be back. Everyone comes back. :)

Tara made me laugh tonight. As I was getting out my camera, she said "Oh yay! I'm going to be on the blog again. Your blog is like the Page Six of Santa Barbara". So funny....love that girl!!

Emily is one of the people that is leaving us.....I'm so bummed about that...but it was nice to meet her mom, Linda, and step-dad, Richard, as they had come down to visit her before she moves.

The boys played some pool while the girls chatted it up in the corner.

Love hanging out with the wonderful folks in Santa Barbara.

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