February 13, 2010


Brett needed a "headshot" of sorts for work, and so I broke out my big girl camera on Saturday morning.

Brett is one hard subject to shoot. I always thought it was more challenging shooting someone that didn't have a clue what they were looking for, but it turns out I was wrong. Brett was super particular and what he was looking for wasn't the same thing that I had in mind. It was actually pretty frustrating trying to get a good shot of him. He turned the camera on me to try and show me, and grabbed this shot. It was the 2nd one...the first one I had my tongue stuck out at him.

He ended up being pretty happy with the one for him, and made the one of my his new screen on his iPhone. :)

After seeing this picture I realized how bad I am in need of getting my hair done. Eek!!! The color is all grown out and I am in dire need of some shaping. Boy, do I miss my Tara right now!!

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