February 19, 2010

Wow...I love surprises!!!

So, it's Friday night after work, and Brett and I had no plans. I went over to his place after work and we're hanging around. We're about to walk out the house to run to Men's Wearhouse....when we hear a knock on the door!

He flings open the door so wide....and as soon as I start to think that's a little weird when he doesn't know who might be on the other side, when I hear "SURPRISE!". Brett's Mom, sister and niece were on the other side. They had come in to be here for my shower tomorrow. I had no idea, and it WAS a great surprise.

We then headed out to Men's Wearhouse together....got to see Brett in his suit that he'll wear for the wedding, looking all handsome. :)

We rounded out the night hanging out and then I headed home to get some rest for my big day of shower fun tomorrow!!

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