February 20, 2010

Showered with Love

When Emily was planning today's activities to honor my being a bride, she asked me if I wanted to be surprised. I said "Sure!", so the only thing I knew was to be ready at 11am.

Everyone started to show up at the house around 11am, and my heart was so happy. So many of the wonderful women that I have had the pleasure of getting to know in Santa Barbara were showing up at my door, with the biggest smiles. "Happy Bridal Day!".

After everyone had arrived, Emily handed me a note rolled up and wrapped with a ribbon. I need to still take a picture of it, but it had the picture of Brett and me jumping at Firestone and a beautifully written poem printed below. The gist of the ditty, which I barely got out without tears, told me that we were headed out to Firestone Vineyard for an afternoon of wine tasting and spending it with my favorite SB girls. I couldn't have been more excited!!!

We divided up to 3 cars and headed out towards Los Olivos. It was the most beautiful day. Big, white, fluffy clouds in the bright blue sky. I shared that I cannot wait for my Texas friends to take the same drive and see the beauty that is out here in California. I kept saying it over and over. It really is just majestically beautiful.

When we arrived, I learned that we were having a picnic of sorts in the terrace area of the vineyard, along with a wine tasting. How fun!!! It was the perfect plan for a wonderful day!!

This is the view from where we were dining and tasting for the afternoon. Unreal. I know!!

As I looked around, I felt the need to pinch myself. I am so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful women in my life. I've been here in SB for less than a year and I would have never in my wildest dream have ever expected to be so lucky!

Seriously.....so lucky!!

Emily and Laura thought of everything. It was wonderful. I just can't believe how wonderful my friends are, and how much they did to shower me with love today.

They put together a wonderful spread for us to make sandwiches....my favorite. :) Laura even thought to bring my favorite seasoning. She was also up early this morning making some super yummy chocolate bars that were a HIT!! These ladies are the most thoughtful!

Adam took great care of us during our lunch. He poured us a few whites, a yummy rosa, a few whites and then a favorite was the Riesling. It was so good to spend time, enjoying each other, tasting yummy wines, smiling, laughing and enjoying the beautiful day!

I had to invite Adam to join us for my signature self group portrait. Got everyone in there....well, mostly. :)

My wonderful hostesses with the absolute most, and future in laws! :)

After lunch, Emily had put together a little questionnaire for all the girls to answer. I thought the questions were so fun. Even Adam got in on the fun. His answers were definitely the most colorful, but Brett's Mom and sister each got 12 out of 13 right. The only one that they missed was the one that asked about the song Brett the night we got engaged. :)

Janey made the most adorable, and delicious, cookies......complete with yellow and white polka dot packaging, and our initials too! Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Next we played a little game that involved the gifts. All of the girls were asked to bring a pair of undies that showed their personality....and then I had to guess which girl each came from. This was so much fun....and had us laughing quite a bit. The box that gave us the biggest shock was the one that was empty....oh, my!!!

I got 4 of them right with my first guess.....and then after a few tries, matched everyone to their gift. The best part about it...is now I have a whole new drawer of unmentionables! :) And they are all so different and fun!!

I love these girls!! They are so fun!

The sun was shining. The sky was blue. The hills were green. The wine was tasty. The girls are loving, thoughtful, funny, beautiful and best of all....part of my life. I just couldn't help thinking over and over, how blessed I am. I had the best day. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Thank you Emily for being you. Thank you to ALL of the girls for loving me, and being my friends and the most wonderful day! I love you all so much!!


Unknown said...

You are going to make the most beautiful, radiant bride! That was the MOST fun day. xoxo

The City Girl said...

I had so much fun, too! Thanks for getting married:)

Anonymous said...

OMG, that looks like it was a wonderful shower....lots of drawers in your drawer!! LindaG