February 23, 2010

Do you take this man??

Yeah!! We met with Dave Lomas today. He is going to be marrying us and we couldn't be more thrilled about this!! He was Brett's homegroup leader for a long time before I came to Santa Barbara, and Brett talked with him quite a bit about me when we first met. When I came to SB for the first time after we started dating, I went to homegroup, and when I first met Dave, I was welcomed with open arms by him and his lovely wife, Ashley.

He knows Brett's story. He knows my story and testimony. And most importantly, he knows US. He actually has more insight into us as a couple by seeing and being around us than I had originally thought....which is amazing.

We're all set on what we are going to do in ways of pre-marital counseling and I'm excited about getting into it all with Brett. We also will be planning a trip up to San Francisco to spend a day with Dave as it gets closer to the wedding.

I know that Dave is going to make our wedding day so special, and we couldn't be more blessed that he's said YES to us!

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