February 14, 2010

Just Because

Two years ago today, Brett emailed back a stranger. Neither of us knew at that point that we'd end up being each other's Valentine....today, next year and for the next 80+ years to come!

After church, it was SOOOO beautiful outside....over 70 degrees and sunny....and so we picked up a sandwich and went to Shoreline Park.

We hung out for less than an hour...because, while it WAS sunny...it was also SUPER windy, which made it a little chilly in the end.

We had a nice dinner at Brewhouse together, courtesy of a generous gift certificate from a friend of Brett's. My favorite parts of dinner were the shrimp appetizer and the peanut butter creme pie dessert...yummy!!!

But....regardless of what day it is....whether it's Valentine's Day or not.....I love my Brett!! More and more each and every day!

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Elisabeth said...

So, even though I've only met you once (or maybe twice?) I totally love reading about your adventures and was so thrilled when you and Brett got engaged!! But...I have to ask - (and maybe you've already shared) - but how DID you and Brett meet??