January 23, 2010

I love it when we're crusin' together...

It's Camille's birthday week....and that means LOTS of celebrating. I already missed the activities earlier in the week, but I was definitely down for the Saturday and Sunday plans.

It literally rained ALL week. Every day Monday through Friday this week, it was pouring in Santa Barbara. There was thunder and lightening that I would relate to a good ole Texas storm....not a norm for Santa Barbara at all.

So, when I woke up at the crack of 1030am on Saturday and there was sun coming in through my window, I knew it was going to be a great day. The forecast called for sunny and 61 - perfect! I met up with the girls at noon at the Bath House.....everyone with a beach cruiser in tow. I borrowed LB's "Sunny" for the occasion. It's SO much more fun to ride than my mountain bike. :)

Wonder what we should call our Bike Gang? I'm sure Emily would have come up with a good name.

Taking snapshots on the moving bike wasn't as easy with my new camera....but it was worth it. Kinda loving my new toy!! ;)

The first stop was for Camille's favorite croissant in SB - Renaud's Patisserie. After devouring the almond AND chocolate delights....we were off again.

Next stop was a trip into Forever 21. I mean....who cares that we're all almost in our 30s. The store IS called Forever TWENTY ONE. Camille managed to find herself some fun birthday skirts that I'm sure she'll pull off better than any 21 year old. :)

We were good and stopped at every red light along State on our ride. I can't imagine what people were thinking trying to avoid us along the way.

Another quick trip into World Market for some ramekins for Camille. I managed to pick myself up an apron for a steal. Emily found a few cute things in the store too. Love that she found Emily's Fortune Cookies....and for me? Well, Aah! Tuesday, of course.....oh come on, you know why!!

We rode all the way down State....the key word being down....as in downhill.....to the pier. Camille managed to scare this little bird away.....but what a GORGEOUS day!! It couldn't have been a prettier day!

We popped into Coastal Winery for a wine tasting. This place was so cute and the staff was so nice to us. Cheryl and I shared a tasting....and by far my favorite was a Stella Rosa something or another. I should have written it down. Oh well. Anyways...this place was neat and I think it'd be a great spot for my TX friends that come in early for the wedding to visit on a Friday afternoon. :) I'm just saying.

Fun friends.

We then proceeded to bike....UPHILL....towards Hungry Cat - one of Camille's favorite places to catch happy hour and appetizers in SB. I agree. The place has a charm to it that is unbeatable. The drinks and french fries are so yummy too!! I split a crab cake sandwich with the birthday girl and it did not disappoint.

After we rode all over town, we completed the circle and ended up back at the Bath House. Such a fun day on the bikes....and my bum isn't even sore. Love the big seats on the cruiser. OH, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the basket. I think I'm totally going to have to get myself another bike. :)

We split up the list of things to get for our last destination of the evening. My list included stuff for pedicures, an air mattress and chicken tenders. The final plan of the night was a slumber party at Camille's place.

It was great. We stuffed ourselves on more cheese and snacks than we needed to, painted some toes, did some masks, and watched a movie. It was way past a normal bedtime when we all finally turned in for the night.

At the end of the night, we had 6 girls spread out all over Camille's living room. We sang to her right at midnight and rung in 30 with her with lots of smiles and love!!


Emily said...

So fun!! Will never forget that day! PS. your bum wasn't sore?!! haha, mine STILL is!!

ashlee said...


Jules said...

I might have a bright orange beach cruiser for sale. It is in the bath house garage - you might have seen it. :)

LB said...

just buy sunny from me!