January 15, 2010

A Flagstaff Friday Afternoon

Ahhhh.....vacation. Yesterday, I left SB, on the same flight as Christianne, and we made it to Phoenix in no time. After getting to the B terminal, we had 3 hours to kill. We shared some dirty nachos and a pulled pork sandwich at the Roadhouse, and then not too long after that, Andrew met up with us.

Our small little propeller jet plane didn't have to get too high to get us up the mountain to Flagstaff. DJ and Brett met us at the airport and then we made our way up to the fun cabin where we are staying. This place is amazing. 3 master bedrooms, a loft, and 3 other bedrooms. We've got a house full of ShowIt retreat-ers. :)

This morning, I woke up to the smell of french toast and bacon cooking in the kitchen. 8 of the folks from the house went to slopes, while Christianne, Chrystal, DJ and I decided to chill and keep the fort down. I spent the morning catching up on blogging and pictures, and a few TV shows online too. So nice.

We were starting to experience the true definition of "cabin fever" and so 3 of us took off to town for a bite to eat for lunch. We found downtown Flagstaff, and it was just as quaint as we were expecting. Lunch was at a little diner of sorts....and I cleaned my plate - it was all so yummy - including my tomato artichoke soup.

It's a little bit colder here than it is at home. It is sunny and 44...but I was still cold with a few layers on. There were people walking around in tee shirts that were definitely locals.

We went into a super neat kitchen store and walked around for a bit, and then just made our way back through downtown. There were a few creative types in the main square singing, playing guitars and also hacky sack. Fun. :)

Blue skies and snow make beautiful scenery! Back at the cabin now waiting for the rest of the crew to come off the mountains. Ahh....relaxation. Love it.

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