December 31, 2009

Should auld forgottences be acquainted...

Brett and I invited Dave & Dayna to come spend New Year's Eve with us a few weeks back. This year I just wanted to have a nice evening in, with good friends, good food and good conversation to ring in 2010.

After I had a really great end of my year at work (I hit my quota...which I was tickled to death about), I met up with the rest of the gang and we went around town getting what we needed for our evening. Groceries, firewood and a quick trip to Old Navy...and then we were all set for our night.

Brett got the fire going and we were ready for our crazy New Year's Eve. Heehee! :)

First off was Rook. Brett showed us all how to play and we caught on fast. I don't think any of us were that pleased with our beginner's luck performances...but we'll be ready next time.

You know I love a good self portrait. Thank goodness for the wide angle lens or this wouldn't have been possible. :)

It was a group effort for dinner....and it was so neat how it all came together. We had the steaks already, and had bought brussel sprouts at the store. But then, it was like I was Laura or something, because I had leftover goodies from Christmas dinner, and so we used the onions and some garlic to saute with the brussel sprouts. Then I remembered the red potatoes and chives and whipped us up another great side.

Brett cooked us up the steaks.....and had some fun while doing so.

We had quite a spread (and later realized that we'd forgotten about the salad) and it was a wonderful joint effort to get it all together. We dined by candlelight as we thanked God for a blessed 2009 and prayed for the same of the coming year. All of us have lots to look forward to in 2010....the birth of Dave and Dayna's daughter.....Brett and my wedding.....and I'm sure many other memorable moments will occur in the next 365 days.

After dinner....we decided to give Hoopla another run. We were all pretty good at it, and for our second round let the timer run all the way through without stopping for the 15 minutes. We managed to beat the clock and gave ourselves high fives for that.

We killed some time waiting for midnight by eating up the brownies that we had made with some yummy ice cream. Yummmy indeed!

We made it to midnight.....barely. The TV was turned on so we could join Ryan Seacrest in our weak attempt at trying to pretend we cared about the countdown.

2009 was a great year. I'm so blessed. Here's to 2010. I can't wait to spend it with all of you.


LB said...

...and then it was like I was laura... haha...

my mom got the wide angle lens too! cannon 980!

Anonymous said...

For some reason this a.m. I looked at your website and I was so very happy to see that you and Brett are getting married. All the best to you both...miss seeing you when I am visiting all the girls in Austin.
Beth (Laura Arredondo's Aunt from NC)