December 13, 2009

Did you hang your avocado on the tree yet?

Brett and I went to Camille's Ornament Exchange Party tonight. Camille outdid herself with all the food she was unbelievable!! Well, not so much for a chef....but she put together a great party and had some real tasty treats for all of her guests to enjoy. She is definitely the hostess with the mostest!!

There were 32 people involved in the exchange, and there were some super interesting ornaments....ornaments to be used very lightly to describe some of the gifts. I ended up with an avacado with a paper clip stuck in it. Interesting indeed!!

Nonetheless, it was a great and fun night!!! Thanks to Camille for hosting!! :)

1 comment:

Mom said...

An avocado with a paper clip? What a hoot! Think it will last until next year? hehehe