December 23, 2009

The Day that Everyone Arrived!!

Today it was harder than EVER to focus at work! For every work call that I made, I answered or made one personal phone call to share the great news with our friends. It was a super fun day, but impossible to really get any work done.

So, after I'd taken care of everything that I could at work, I asked Albert for the 2nd half of the day off. My parents had just landed in LA and I couldn't sit still any more.

We met up with my Mom and Dad at my house. After showing them around, we made a quick trip up to the top of the hill to borrow a table and chairs. Of course, we had to stop and enjoy the view and the sunset too.

We got back to the house and waited patiently for the rest of the family to arrive. I started to cook up our dinner around 630 so it'd be ready when everyone got there. I tried one of Laura's recipes that she borrowed from Jamie Oliver. It was super simple, and I actually kind of liked it. Turns out that I probably could have quadrupled it instead of just doubling. We ended up finishing it all up with no problems.

Brett's sister and her family arrived and we got to get my parents acquainted with them for a bit before everyone else got to the place. We told Loralyn that I was going to marry Uncle Brett and I think we got her seal of approval.

Brett's parents got there a little bit later. We ate up all the dinner, and hung out for a while before everyone turned in for the night. Lots of fun days ahead of us over the next few. So glad that everyone is in town to celebrate Christmas together.

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Linda Lou said...

AnneMarie....I have just spent the past hour on your blog reading all about the proposal and your Christmas. What a wonderful Tuesday it was. Brett you did an amazing job, that will definitely be one for the books for sure. Congratulations to you both, I'm so very happy for have such a beautiful story to tell. I absolutely love the Santa clip, that was priceless...Santa shops at Walmart???...who knew. Love, Linda Lou...and Delyla too!