December 27, 2009

Up and Down the Horsies Go

Brett and I made it to church for the early service. We were so happy to be there as Reality was sending off Dave and Ashley Lomas for the birth of our next church in San Francisco. Its first service is on January 10 and we couldn't be more excited for what God has planned for them, and Reality, there. Best of luck to Dave and Ash as they start up this next chapter in their lives together.

We got back to my house to everyone already sitting down eating breakfast together. We decided that we'd take a trip down towards the pier today. First stop was the carousel. My Mom LOVES carousels and so this was the one thing that I knew that we HAD to do while she and my Dad were here.

We took a spin on the horsies and took a few snapshots of the fun. Not sure if Loralyn or my Mom had more fun. It might have been a tie.

Fun timer group shot. Yes, I love these. Glad to have gotten a fun one at the ride.

We did this with Loralyn way back when I first visited Vegas, and thought to try it again with my point and shoot. Not too bad I'd say. For those of you that have kids....try it. Just put your camera on continuous mode and press the button.

After the ride, we walked along Cabrillo through the artisan market.

We made it over to the pier. It wasn't the sunniest of days, but it's still a pretty view and sight in Santa Barbara. I do love that we are so close to the ocean.

We walked all the way to the end, grabbed a few pics...I love this one that Brett jumped into...he's such a goofball.

The signs at the end of the pier said that we aren't allowed to feed the birds. Too bad, since I had the leftover Eggos in my purse.

But....when we got back towards the middle, there weren't any signs....and so we went ahead and tossed over the crumbs. These guys were pretty thrilled that we had.

All that walking worked us up an Los Arroyos it was for lunch. My Mom snapped this funny picture of my Dad on the walk there. Guess they don't have the kind of trees that you can pretend you're strong enough to bend in TX. :)

Autumn, Rob and Loralyn headed back to Vegas after lunch. Our parents went to take the scenic drive back to my house.

When we all got back, we decided to order a pizza and play Hoopla. It was a great way to end our evenings, and the game was such a hoot. We all got a kick out of each other's ways to get us all to guess the clues.

Tomorrow everyone takes off as Brett and I head into LA to get my ring sized.

It's been SUCH a great trip having our families here together. I'm excited for all of us to get together again real soon when we have our wedding.

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