December 11, 2009

Who knew there was new fun to be had in Santa Barbara?

Discovered 3 new places in Santa Barbara tonight.

First, I went with Brett and Kyle to a Chinese restaurant around the corner from their new place, Wing's Restaurant. Turns out that it's not hot wings, but rather a person named Wing, who has a restaurant. :) We ordered way more than the 3 of us could eat, but we had no idea the size of the plates. When the 4 egg rolls came out and it could have fed 6....we knew we were in for a night of lots of food! It was all yummy.....and we left with a few doggie bags.

The boys went to watch Star Wars at their place. Since I've already seen it twice, and I don't like to watch movies over and over again, I went to meet up with a few folks that were at Telegraph Brewery. I hadn't ever been to this part of town, but how fun! The brewery was right next to Carr Winery, and both places were so quaint.

Love Miss Emily and how she can find 33 or the letter "e" anywhere. Look at what she turned her pretzel into....of course, an "e". :)

The guy that offered to take our picture took it faster than anyone I'd ever seen before....maybe that is why it's a little blurry? Or was he hanging out at the brewery all day? Guess we'll never know. :)

We walked right next door to Carr Winery. What a gem of a place!! They had shuffleboard, backgammon, and live music. We all sampled the house Red and it was tasty too!!

The place was decked out for Christmas, with lots of green and lights, and it was so darling. We all said that we'd have to come back soon!! Had a wonderful time tonight with some of my favorite girls.

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