December 21, 2009

Feeling Special

Oh my gosh....this week, I just know it, is going to go SO SLLLLLOOOOWWWW!!! There are almost 2 more days until the families start to arrive for Christmas!! I can't wait!!

So, I got home from work today and plopped myself down on my bed and got back onto the computer. I don't really have anything left to do for the holidays and so I'm actually kind of hence, I've updated my blog. :)

Well....a light of fun came as my phone rang, and it was Emily. When I asked her what she was doing, she replied "Playing Santa. Are you home? We are coming over!".

Less than a minute later, Emily and Camille pulled up and delivered me the most wonderful, hand-made, Christmas gift. The two of them got crafty and created some jewelry trees...complete with a new set of hand-made earrings! Even better, Camille proceeded to put up a bunch of my earrings on it for me. So sweet!!! I just love this idea and think that it's perfectly delightful!!

Thank you ladies!! Love you so much!!

I also had the joy of sharing my Christmas magnets with them and had them take a few of their favorites with them. Yippee!! :), other highlight of the night.....I opened my mail....and was rewarded with a fun present from United. Seems that I flew quite a bit this year.....and all since June when I started working (and traveling) with AppFolio. I got to Premier status in 7 months - woohoo!!

I don't think it really gets me much....but it's an accomplishment that I thought I'd share! :) Come fly with me!


Mom said...

How creative. The jewelry trees are so neat, Emily and Camille.

Marisa said...

premier status rocks!! eric managed to get there when we were dating :) enjoy the upgrades!!