December 19, 2009

N :: O :: E :: L

Today.....we went grocery shopping. Yes, it's blog worthy. I didn't take any pictures.....but it was quite an undertaking. I've been excited about planning a ton of meals for next week when our families come into town for today, I finally convinced Brett that it wasn't TOO early to get all the groceries. :)

After shopping, and then rearranging the refridgerator and pantry to make everything fit, we went over to Brett's to hang out for a bit. We watched a Brian Regan DVD and then ended up on a Buck Rogers movie of sorts.

They were great background noise for me while I worked on a little project that I'd been wanting to start and complete. I wanted to make some Christmas magnets but didn't know where to start for designs. I found a few images to start with as inspiration, and then it just blossomed. I had so much fun drawing all these fun little Christmas inspired designs in my design program. Tomorrow I'm going to print them and turn them into glass magnets for friends!

I can't decide which one is my favorite...but it might be the doves on the polka dot backgrounds! :)

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Mom said...

I love those magnets!