December 28, 2009

Making it fit

After everyone left today, Brett and I headed down towards Burbank to get my ring sized. We made it to the store right as it was opening, and Ayda promised that we'd have the ring back by the end of the day.

We called on Dave and Dayna to see what they were up to....and to our luck, they weren't too busy to hang out with us. We picked them up and went for some Greek food for lunch at the Promenade and did some walking around.

It was a short trip but always a good one when we get to see these two. We snapped a quick pic before dropping them off...but to my surprise, it's missing from my camera. I have no idea where it hopefully D&D will read this and send me a copy of the one that they took on their new camera. :)

On the way home we got my ring, and it is perfect!! I'm so happy!! :)

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