December 24, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town...

While Brett did a little last minute Christmas shopping, and Rob, Betty and Bruce ran out and did a little bit of the same, Autumn and Loralyn made a "Bringerbread" House. Yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose....that is how Loralyn said it.

They had a good time putting it together. Most of my morning I spent writing up our engagement story. It took me much longer for me to write it than it took you to read it, but I'm so glad that I did it when I did. Already, a week later, I'm finding it difficult to recount all of the happenings of the Christmas weekend. That is mainly the reason why I keep this blog. I want to be able to come back to it later and remember what it was that we did. :)

So, they built the house, and it turned out pretty cute. :)

After everyone had finished up their shopping, we met up for the Christmas Eve service at Reality. It was really great and I was so happy to have everyone there with us. Poor little Loralyn was so sleepy that she slept through the entire service. Not sure how she did that with Dominic jammin the worship for us, but I guess she needed it pretty bad. Britt preached a really amazing message, as usual, and then we were off back to the house.

I had made up the chili earlier in the day, so it was ready for us to eat when we got home. It was so good and this time I thought to quadruple the recipe, so I did have plenty for all of us. There was enough for a few of us to have seconds....and then there was even a ton leftover for us to package up for later.

After dinner, we curled up on the couches and watched UP. It was a perfectly relaxing Christmas Eve.......until.......

Until, in the middle of the movie....we hear HO HO HO coming from the fireplace. Santa made his stop in Santa Barbara to visit Loralyn!! Click the picture below to see what happened. :)

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve in Santa Barbara with both of our families!! Can't wait for Christmas tomorrow!!

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