December 19, 2009

Who knew Helvetica was everywhere?

We met up with some of the work folk this evening to bid farewell well to Linn. She's decided to be a stay at home Mom to little Jackson and we're all happy for her!! I'm going to miss her at the office. I'm the only sales girl left out of our team now. It's me and the 7 boys. I'm so thankful that Danielle is working with me now so that there are still other wonderful girls there with me!! :)

Afterwards, Brett and I came back to my place to watch a documentary. I'd seen it mentioned earlier this week by Todd and it peaked my interest. It is called Helvetica and if you are familiar with that term.....yes, it's a documentary about type face/fonts.

It is super dorky but I loved it. It's so funny to see how emotional people can get about their fonts.

But....already, I find myself noticing the MANY places where the very classy, plain, standard font is used in everyday design. Check out some of the very well known logos that use Helvetica. The e and the s are the two characters that give it away!

If you're interested in seeing it can stream it free from your Netflix account. :)

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