November 13, 2009

Zip, zip, zooray!!

Chris and Melissa set it up for anyone that wanted to, could join the group for a Canopy Tour through the jungle in Costa Rica. I had done the zip line a few times before and so I was all ready for another adventure with zipping!!

We boarded the bus with the other 40 people or so, and we were on our way to the Congo Trail Zip Line!

Safety is of the utmost importance and so we got all suited up with our harnesses! We were all set and ready to go!! (Side note....with all the prep that I did with packing, I forgot to pack some shorts that were appropriate for the zip line. Luckily Brett brought an extra pair and I was able to snag them from that is why I look a little ridiculous!).

Yup, we all look awesome!! Ready to ZIP!!!

Melissa was the first to go.....WHEEEEE!!!!

This is Tito. He was so adorable, and followed us all the way through the ziplines. Brett even got to pet him since he was wearing the zipline gloves. :)

The guide went to the front of the line to get to the next zipline and asked "Who wants to go upside down?". Before he even finished the sentence, I was saying "I do!". I had no idea what was in store....but this is me being prepped for the ride. Yes, those are my feet in the air.

On the next one, we all got the option to go upside down....and it was so much fun!!!

Brett had a great time too....he got some great video that I might do something with one day, but for right now, we got pictures!

We all had a SUPER time on the zip line....and thanks SO much to Mel and Chris for treating us to such a fun morning!!

After getting back to the resort, we hung out by the pool and the ocean. Brett and I took the fun up a notch and decided to take a little jetski outing too! We went out for about half an hour in the bay. We both took turns driving, and neither of us threw the other off. :) The water was super calm, so we did our best to make some waves of our own. That wasn't super successful, but we did see a school of fish jumping. It was so cool!!

A small group of us went into Coco Beach for dinner. We ate SO good!!

Afterwards, while we waited for Bernardo to come back and get us, we took a little walk around downtown Coco Beach. I bought myself a pair of earrings, of course, and then we went to wait a bit at one of the local spots. A little puppy named Milo quickly became my new BFF and followed me all around. He was super cute!

Great night, good food, and fun friends!!

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