November 16, 2009

On our way back....

430am. That is what time I got up this morning so we could be ready for our 530am pickup at the front lobby. It's so sad to be leaving paradise....but luckily it's pretty much paradise at home too. :) I don't ever get to relax the same way that I have while in CR at home, but maybe I'll start to do something about that when I get back.

We made it to Houston and through Immigration. I got randomly stopped on the way through Customs and it was the craziest experience. The guard told me to go through this door for a 5 minute survey. Well, almost 20 minutes later I came out of the secluded area and man, it was not as easy as a survey. The guy back there started to ask me the most random questions, that I was so confused by, and I tell you what....I came out of there, knowing that I hadn't done a single thing wrong, but feeling so guilty as if I had. As I was leaving, I asked him if there was any reason I should be concerned for the next time I travel....and he said "Nope, just random checking". I then said, "Well, I guess I should feel special then as I was the one picked", and he agreed. Either way, I don't really want to have that happen again. :)

Brett and I had a little over 2 hours before our separate flights to our next spot. Brett was headed back to LAX and I was on my way to ATL for work.

We ate a little food, and found a nice spot to chill for the time that we had.

I got to ATL a little after Albert did and met up with him to get the rental. He was so proud of his score and landed us rooms at the Westin for less than $60 per night. I was thrilled too....and I can't wait to climb into the Heavenly Bed for a good night's rest!

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