November 14, 2009

Mel and Chris' Wedded Bliss

Happy Wedding Day to Melissa and Chris!! We decided to start the festivities for the day off with a little ATV tour!

We were picked up at the hotel and taken right down the street to where we met up with our guide for the day, Cesar.

Our tour took us all over the place. We started out in the countryside, went through Santa Rica, saw all sorts of people, wildlife and plants.

We were fortunate enough to happen upon some howler monkeys. Cesar stopped the ATVs after we'd heard this low pitched rumble. Turns out that was the monkeys. We got a bunch of neat videos from the day that I'm sure I'll post at some point....but again, for now, pictures!

We got to go through some pretty awesome water spots....complete with lots of splashes! The cool water felt great on our legs since it was a pretty warm day!

At the end of the tour we were completely covered in dirt, dust, and a little soggy too...but it was all completely worth it!!

I went straight to the quiet pool to meet up with the girls after the tour. The boys were being kept at the other pool as to not mingle with the bride on her wedding day!

It was great getting to catch up with Melissa and the other girls while it wasn't so crazy and hectic for a little bit.

Then, it was off to get ready! After we all were all dolled up, it was time to go meet the bride and help her with the final preparation for her big night!! Melissa looked beautiful and so happy!! I can't believe that this day was finally here!!

A quick shot with the Austin gals before heading down to meet up with her dad. We took the shuttle down, and put Mel in the front as to not get her hair all wind blown on the drive!

The ceremony was on the beach, right at sunset. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with much emotion. To be there to see Chris and Melissa tie the knot was just wonderful. They are so much in love, and so happy, and it's just perfectly evident in these two!! I couldn't be more happy for my friend!!

We made it up to the reception area that was setup so beautifully by the pool.

The hotel did an amazing job of turning the resort into the perfect spot for their wedding celebration. The food was delicious and the decorations were so pretty!

The dinner was one of the best buffets that I have ever had at a wedding. There was every kind of meat that you could want, and it was all tasty!! I am still bummed that I didn't make it back for seconds!

After the first dance, the music didn't slow back down all night. If there is anything to know about Mel and Chris, it's that they love to dance. And dance the night away is what they, and all of the guests, did!

We had a great time at our first wedding together. There was love in the air and fun times celebrating Mel and Chris' new life together as husband and wife!!

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