November 7, 2009

3 or 33?

Today is my 33rd birthday....but I decided to celebrate like I was turning 3 DisneyLand!! I've been to all of the other Disney parks....Toyko, Orlando and even Paris...but not the one in California. Well, my Mom would argue that I have been....she was there 2 weeks before I was born in 1976...but that really doesn't count I say. But, anyways, it turns out that you get in free on your birthday, and so it seemed as good of a time as any to go visit Goofy! The person that I wanted to spend the day with at Disney was my own personal Goofy, so of course, Brett came with me!! :)

We started out with a nice and hearty (ha!) breakfast at Denny's. When we got to the park, we walked up to the ticket booth, and the person in the booth gave me a button with my name on it, he drew some Mickey balloons on it, and I was tagged as a birthday girl. I had my button and my special birthday ticket and we were in the park! I really did feel special!! :)

It was 10am and we were ready to explore the Land of Disney!!

We started out in one of the stores and decided that we'd try on as many funny hats as we could find during the day. Here is what ensued from our fun!!

We went on almost every ride in the park during the day. The longest we waited in any line was when one of the cars on the Indiana Jones ride broke down and they had to get it off the tracks. That wait was about still only about 25 minutes. So, we flew through all the rides and had a blast doing so!!

Well....we took a ton of pictures....but they are all of us just us. So, I just decided to put them all together. For those of you that have visited Disneyland, the rides might look familiar. See if you can spot Brett & Annemarie on your favorite ride! :)

I think that Space Mountain and the Buzz Lightyear ones were my favorite. I did MUCH better then 2nd time we went. I guess I didn't quite understand the concept on the first go round....and it's quite obvious with my score!! Oops!!! MUCH better on try #2. :)

One of Brett's cards joked that while I could probably pass for 25, I might feel like I'm 50 after an entire day at Disney. Well....he was right. At one point, my back was in such pain that we had to stop and stretch!! We'd been walking and standing all day and it was definitely taking its toll on my body!! Eek!!

After I'd had enough of the rides....we took a short walk over to Downtown Disney for some dinner. We decided upon the Jazz Kitchen and were placed on the balcony with a great view of the square. We stuffed ourselves on crab cakes, gumbo and jambalaya. All so good....and it just made me even more sleepy.

It was after 930 at this point, and it had been almost 12 hours in the park. We watched a bit of the fireworks on our walk back to the car before going back for the night.

It was the perfect way to spend my birthday. I had a wonderful time with the man that I love. Just Brett, me, and about another 199 people celebrating their birthday at Disneyland too! The perfect way to celebrate another year.

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Beankountess said...

I LOVE these pictures! It looks like you guys had a blast! I can't wait to come visit and go to Disneyland too!