November 18, 2009

Day Two in the ATL

Another morning in the ATL. The weather this morning was a little less than wonderful....chillier with some moisture in the air. Albert laughed at me as I told him I'd wait under cover until the doors were unlocked in the car before I would quickly make my little joggity jog to get in without getting my hair wet.

My breakfast search from the other night turned up a place called The Flying Biscuit, which Albert had remembered from his days of living in Atlanta. What a gem of a find it was!!

The restaurant was full of fun decor, the menu filled with healthy but tasty choices, and free wifi. Score.

I went with the choice that included one of the infamous flying biscuits, and I was NOT dissapointed. The apple/raspberry jam that came as a side to my sugar topped fluffy biscuit tasted just like Christmas. Yummm!! I asked our waitress for some brown sugar for my grits as I did yesterday. She kind of looked at me funny. In the meantime, I tried the "creamy dreamy" grits, and realized why. Oh my gosh....they were heavenly, and didn't need a drop of butter OR sugar. I told her about my discovery as she returned and she fessed up to her reaction. They were filled with a few kinds of cheese and cream. Whatever it was, it was awesome. Again, Albert tricked himself into thinking that his breakfast was healthy by adding fruit to his pancakes. :)

Our morning meeting was almost 5 hours. It was a great meeting....but man, this job is HARD work!! As much as I dislike traveling and being away from home, I couldn't enjoy traveling with my boss any more than I do. I have so much to learn from him, and he's really pretty funny, so it's all good. :)

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