November 2, 2009

All the right kinds of fat!

Vanessa and I have been trying to hang out and spend time together for almost 2 months now....and we FINALLY got together tonight! Thank goodness!!!

I went over to her new place after work and she cooked up some yummy pasta with all the right kinds of fats....LOTS of avacado!! It was such a simple recipe....pasta spirals, a few differnt kinds of tomatoes, and some avacado.....but so tasty. I went back for seconds, and I probably could have finished off the rest of the bowl too!!

It was great to hang out with Vanessa. We caught up, had some great conversations...and promised to see each other again soon!!

Thanks for dindin, Vanessa!!! :)

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

the title of this post kills me. you are a delight, my dear. we will have to do a round 2 with a cupcake or something for an extended birthday celebration!