November 11, 2009

Mechanical Delays means Interesting Travel Plans

We got to LAX for our 915am flight and sat patiently at our gate. Sat more patiently for 3 hours past our departure time. The folks at the gate said that there would be a chance that we'd make our Houston flight. A chance. The chance got smaller as we sat on the plane at the gate....and as they were telling us that we were supposed to land around 520pm, I realized that there was no way that we were going to make it to Costa Rica tonight as originally planned. Boo. :(

I did my best to get Renae and Tricia to beg the kind folks at Continental in Houston, and despite their best efforts....the plane left without us.

When we got off the plane at IAH, they had the boarding passes printed for us for the 5pm flight the next day and were ready to put us up there that night in H-town. Well, while we were in line at the services desk, I recalled reading in the inflight magazine that if the delay was due to mechanical issues, they could reroute us.

So....long story short, we were rerouted to Miami for the night, and then put on American from there to Liberia to arrive the next day at noon instead of 8pm. The night ended in Miami at the airport hotel. LAX to IAH to MIA. A long day but ready to get ourselves to CR tomorrow!!

We debated getting out into Miami for a little bit, but ended up settling in and watching Toy Story I instead!! :) I know, we are so wild!!

Nighty night!

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