November 19, 2009

McGriddle anyone?

So, Santa Barbara doesn't have Chic Fil A, and so when trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast this morning, I had visions of one of their warm chicken biscuits with honey all over it. We had tried to find the Chic Fil A that showed on the GPS the day before and failed miserably, but thought we'd give it one more shot.

As we were doing circles in the mall parking lot, not seeing a Chic Fil A anywhere in sight, it dawned us that it was probably INSIDE the mall. DOH!!

We were on our way out of the parking lot, and thank goodness it was early and there wasn't anyone there to witness us, clearly out of towners, as we stopped for the geese to walk across the street in front of us. Sometimes you gotta just take time out to enjoy the small joys in life. We smiled as we watched the gaggle move onto their next destination.

We ended up at McDonald's....yeah, yeah, I know...not local AT all....but it was close, it was open, and the Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle was calling my name!!

The main reason that we were in Atlanta was to be part of the Atlanta NARPM Chapter Trade Show. Michael showed up with his nice camera and snapped this fun picture of me and Albert at our booth. (PS. Albert is totally busted with this picture. If you look closely you can see the empty box of DOTS in his hand.)

After all was said and done for the show, it was off to the airport. I am headed home, after 9 days being away. Poor Albert had to catch 3 different planes out to ATL, and then get in a rental and drive for an hour to be in Hartford, CT for tomorrow. I am glad to be headed home.

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Beankountess said...

Darn you!! I am craving a McGiddle after you mom beat me like 400 to 200 in Scrabble!! I think she 'bingo'ed twice! I am ashamed!